Living in Richmond as a Young Adult

As a Richmond native, I have witnessed countless changes the city has went through. I attended Richmond Public Schools for grade school and then headed to Old Dominion University to complete my bachelor’s degree and returned home to complete my master’s degree online. To my surprise, Richmond was involving and growing! I later found myself touring Richmond as a new founded “adult”, who found a love for group fitness classes, festivals, creative adventures, unique food spots, and nature. Richmond not only offers plenty of opportunities to meet new people, but it also provides opportunities to start new businesses.

Just remember that small talk can go a long way and who knows, you may find your new best friend at the next festival. A valuable lesson I learned was to not wait for people to go somewhere with you, but instead take the proper precautions to go solo! This not only increases the likelihood of you speaking to someone you may not know, but it also pushes you to figure out what you actually enjoy without the opinions of others.

Can’t find anything to do? Social media is your best bet to find great places and events in the area. If you can’t find any special events, you can always check out any of the small businesses or take a quick trip to DC. One of the best things I love about Richmond is that it’s not too busy and not too slow. Richmond doesn’t feel crowded or overwhelming, until Monday through Friday 8-9 AM and 4:30 -6:30 PM when traffic bombards the highways. But with any area, you will have your pros and cons. That’s why you have to find the right place that suits you for your given season.

Getting Involved in RVA

I have also found my new church home, The Life Church RVA! The community and fellowship allows me to make connections with people that also share similar spiritual values as I do. This has definitely been one of my highlights since moving back from college.

Almost a year ago, I was introduced to HYPE after I asked Paula Buckley, Director of Outreach and Public Affairs at GRASP, for networking groups that could help me build my character. And without a doubt, HYPE has exceeded my expectations. 

As someone who was working remotely for over 2 years, I appreciate how many delicious coffee shops Richmond offers. Occasionally, I wanted to complete my remote work away from home just to switch up my environment and often times, I found myself sitting outside enjoying the fresh air with a tasty bite from a nice restaurant. I have also became a group fitness instructor through the Fitness Warriors, where I teach weekly.

Richmond is continuously growing and adding new things to do, but you just have to look for it at times and be open to new adventures! Richmond is my home.