Picture this: crossing the busy street in a blazer with shiny, black heels clacking against the pavement and a hot coffee in hand. Did I just describe a scene from The Devil Wears Prada? Maybe. But the picture is not too far off from my everyday life as an intern in Richmond.

My name is Bre, a rising senior at Virginia Tech pursuing two degrees – one in Public Relations and the other in Professional & Technical Writing. With the changes caused by the pandemic, I never thought I would be so thankful to say I am completing my internship in-person at Alliance Group this summer.

For those who are working remotely, I want to share a snippet of what my typical day looks like in the city. Hopefully, you can live vicariously through my descriptions to get a feel for what life would be like if you so choose to pursue a longer-term commitment in the city.

To set the scene, my day normally starts at 7AM to the sweet sound of my dog whining to go outside. My apartment complex is located in the highly active neighborhood of Scott’s Addition – a haven for young professionals known for its entertainment outlets and breweries – and overlooks the Washington Football Team Training Camp. There’s a dog park on the other side of the gate, and that’s the first stop for me and Sophie (my mini schnauzer).

Next, coffee. Once I get ready for the day, I love to take advantage of the multitude of caffeine options within a mile from the office. I am ever so grateful that my internship allows me ample time to fulfill my goal of exploring every one of the nearby coffee shops before requiring me at my desk at 9AM. My list includes: Blanchard’s, Lamplighter, Roastology, and Crossroads, but I have to say that so far, Sugar & Twine has become my go-to spot.

After sating my caffeine needs, I show up to the office a few minutes early to get a head start on setting up and mentally preparing for the day. The Alliance Group is a full-service public relations and government relations firm that works with clients from several industries around the Commonwealth. My morning typically starts with a staff meeting, followed by 5 minutes of belly rubs demanded by our office dog – she’s the one who keeps everybody in line and on-task.

Then, I may sit in on a call with a Fortune 500 client while we give a report on their local media initiatives, or I may be typing up an analysis on a client initiative. As the day progresses, I’ll spend some time writing some social media posts, editing a client position piece, or participating in a brainstorming session for a trade association. This summer, no day is like the other, working for a company with such a wide array of clients, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am thankful to work alongside professional communicators that care about immersing me in their day-to-day tasks and meetings while also giving me insight on the best spots in Richmond. There is definitely something to say about the importance of in-person collaboration and brainstorming and it is a blessing that Alliance Group provides such a welcoming atmosphere in the office space.

All of a sudden, it’s lunch time. Alliance Group is located in The Fan, which is home to locally-owned restaurants with all types of cuisine. Some of my favorites are chicken pesto from Sidewalk Café and cauliflower tacos from Barrio, but I have only dipped a toe in what is around. Thankfully, everything is walking distance and I can get a few steps in during your lunch break.

As the afternoon progresses and the lingering heat sets, I breeze through the afternoon completing writing tasks and sitting in on conference calls with various clients. My workday normally ends around 5:30PM and I typically hurry home from the office to walk my dog at one of the surrounding parks. My personal favorite is Maymont, which is only a few miles from the apartment and is beautiful in the summer months with several gardens to venture through. I’m also looking forward to hitting the other parks around me, like Byrd Park, Bryan Park, and of course walking around the incredibly dog-friendly Scott’s Addition neighborhood.

At this point, I am normally starving and love to take advantage of the local markets for fresh produce and proteins to chef up a nutritious meal. I am a fan of Stella’s Grocery, which is only a five-minute walk from my apartment.

After dinner, the night normally ends with an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and hot tea. But unlike my previous experiences with various internships, I don’t dread going to sleep only to wake up the next day and go to work. I’m actually excited. Living in an up-and-coming city provides endless opportunities for exploration that does not have to wait until the weekend, which is what I am most grateful for. This is my heart-sell on the city of Richmond and I encourage you to visit the city and let it surprise you, as it is doing to me. Thank you to Alliance Group and RVA NOW for helping me along this journey and making Richmond truly feel like home.


Bre Knotts is a rising senior at Virginia Tech pursuing a double major in Public Relations and Professional & Technical Writing. This summer, she took a position as an intern at Alliance Group, a full-service public relations and government relations firm located in Richmond’s Carytown neighborhood.