OK, so it’s not so much a neighborhood as it is a rural county north of RVA with things you should know about. History? Patrick Henry was born there. Adrenaline junkies? Two words: Kings Dominion. Unsubstantiated claims? The town of Ashland was once called the Center of the Universe. Lamb shanks and theater? Hanover Tavern has a dark basement where you can find both. Shaky noodles? Check out Pad Thai on the tracks in Mechanicsville and hold on to your plate when the train rolls through. Housing? The area has beautiful and historic single-family homes with lots of yard space—all with easy access to RVA via road and rail.


Tomatoes. They’re big in Hanover, literally and figuratively. Every July Hanover hosts a tomato festival where people can buy tomato art, and enjoy fresh salsa and even participate in a pizza race.


Feral teenagers with chainsaws at Ashland Berry Farm. In September, you can take your kids for cider and pumpkin picking, and in October you can set them free in Booger Woods to escape maniacal masked youth. This legitimately scary event includes a haunted house, escape room and, of course, donuts.


See Hanover through the eyes of different Richmonders as they show off their favorite spots.