Introducing the Northside of Richmond: Tree-lined, peaceful and a favorite of young families and young professionals. You want blocks of cute? Let’s start with Bellevue, which has Craftsmans, Cape Cods and Foursquares, with neighborhood restaurants and bars all within walking distance. Head farther north and you’ll hit Lakeside, famous for the farmer’s market in Bryan Park and the gorgeous Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Ginter Park, Barton Heights and Brookland Park are also full of vintage charm at more affordable price points.


Low-key neighborhood haunts. We love Boogaloos and the Fuzzy Cactus on Brookland Park Boulevard, Dot’s Back Inn in Bellevue and the ultra-divey Lakeside Tavern where Miller Lite counts as water.


One of only two buildings left from the 1939 World’s Fair. It’s called the Belgian Friendship Building (aw!) and is located on the campus of Virginia Union University. It currently serves as a gymnasium for basketball games, commencements, boxing matches, fashion shows and a sweet potato exhibition, which apparently is a thing.


See Northside through the eyes of different Richmonders as they show off their favorite spots.