If Richmond hosted a beauty contest for its neighborhoods, chances are the Museum District would be holding a bouquet of roses, waving at everyone. Its stately brick town houses and Tudors line the city’s fanciest street—Monument Avenue—and surround the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and Virginia Museum of History & Culture on Arthur Ashe Boulevard. From here, you can walk to hotspots in Carytown and the Fan, or sit on your porch swing, feeling #blessed.


Incredible (and mostly free) exhibits at the VMFA. We recommend picnicking in the sculpture garden under the watchful eye of Chloe (you’ll know her when you see her). And, be sure to check out the groundbreaking “Rumors of War” statue on the front lawn, which offers a modern perspective on the Confederate monuments that have recently been relocated from Monument Avenue.


The Museum District is respectful and well-mannered until you head a little too far north on Sheppard and find yourself in the “Devil’s Triangle”—a small wedge of rowdy bars where the music is loud and the floor smells like old Corona. Once you’re in the DT, there’s really no choice but to have a margarita at Bandito’s Burrito Lounge and grab some takeout from Belmont Pizzeria—some of the best pizza in town.


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