Short Pump is literally named after a short-handled pump at a 19th-century tavern. Not sure why a pump should be that famous, but here we are. This area of Richmond’s Far West End used to be mostly agricultural until developers got wind of it. Now fields and farms have been replaced by Urban Outfitters and California Pizza Kitchens. In the West Broad Village strip, young professionals have flocked to modern townhomes and condominiums. Not into living behind Whole Foods? Off Broad Street you’ll find more traditional residential neighborhoods where you can see actual stars, not just the lights from Wawa.


Short Pump Town Center—an upscale pedestrian mall filled with retailers ranging from Apple and Banana Republic to Lululemon and stores that don’t have fruit in the name. Go here to shop, to play a very large chess game or to have some of the city’s best Indian food, at Lehja.


Innsbrook After Hours, an outdoor summer concert series that takes place in a huge office park. For decades, artists like Willie Nelson and Ludacris have played to hyped crowds of business-casual music lovers.


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